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About the Spatial Technology Coding Circle


The spatial@ucsb graduate tech working group with enj.com hold a Monday afternoon and early evening "coding circle" (3pm to dinner). The goal is to set aside a time where people with similar interests can code and pool capabilities. This quarter, we're working independently on optimization problems, crisis response coding, and geodesign. Many of us use Python (language), PostGIS (database), Geoserver (data server), ArcGIS, and OpenLayers (visualization). Some of us have been experimenting with Geodjango (web framework), Lindo Lingo API (operations solver), and various geo-friendly Javascript libraries (like mapfish and geoext). Most of us are geography students, but anyone with an interest in geographic technology engineering is welcome. Our plan is to meet Monday afternoons and code until dinner. After that, sometimes we'll eat together; other times we go our separate ways; sometimes we obsess, order pizza, and stay late into the evening.

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